The History of Potato Salad

Who in their right mind would have any interest in the history of potato salad?  As it turns out, I would. I’m in the midst of writing The Lost Sister, my latest western historical romance for Kensington Lyrical Press. It’s another of my Women of the West series. There’s a scene where Sarah, my heroine, and Jack, my hero, go on a journey by horseback from Hangtown to Coloma, both California gold mining towns. They’ll need food, so they buy it from a hotel. I’m thinking fried chicken and potato salad.
I’m pretty sure about the fried chicken, but here’s the pressing question: Was there such a thing as potato salad in 1851? If I get it wrong, some observant reader will surely let me know. (It’s happened before.) So I go on-line, look it up, and sure enough,  people were eating potato salad back in the 1600’s. Problem solved. What a writer won’t do for accuracy!

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