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Doing A Thunderclap

I’ve just discovered a Thunderclap is a really neat way to publicize a book launch or any kind of special event. Today I started a Thunderclap for Wagon Train Sisters, my new historical romance which will be released on July 19th. If you have an account on Facebook, Twitter or Tumbler, I’d much appreciate your support.

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WTS Cover  Wagon Train Sisters

NetGalley Review, Wagon Train Sisters

WAGON TRAIN SISTERS, the second in my Women of the West series will be released July 19th. As in Wagon Train Cinderella, I did a whole lot of research for this book and have a couple of shelves full of books to show for it. In my writing career,  I’ve switched genres a few times, from but the Old West,  is where I’ll stay. There’s so much to write about, particularly the California Gold Rush, that I’ll never run out of plots!WTS Cover

Life in a gold mining town high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is fascinating. People came from literally all over the world to make their fortune, and that makes for interesting characters indeed. The plot and in my books are fictional, but many incidents are real, as well as descriptions of life in a mining town.

WAGON TRAIN SISTERS is available for pre-sale now, and I hope you’ll take a look.

Would you like to review Wagon Train Sisters?  It won’t be released until July 19th, but it’s available for review on Netgalley

The History of Potato Salad

Who in their right mind would have any interest in the history of potato salad?  As it turns out, I would. I’m in the midst of writing The Lost Sister, my latest western historical romance for Kensington Lyrical Press. It’s another of my Women of the West series. There’s a scene where Sarah, my heroine, and Jack, my hero, go on a journey by horseback from Hangtown to Coloma, both California gold mining towns. They’ll need food, so they buy it from a hotel. I’m thinking fried chicken and potato salad.
I’m pretty sure about the fried chicken, but here’s the pressing question: Was there such a thing as potato salad in 1851? If I get it wrong, some observant reader will surely let me know. (It’s happened before.) So I go on-line, look it up, and sure enough,  people were eating potato salad back in the 1600’s. Problem solved. What a writer won’t do for accuracy!