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Wagon Train Sisters, the second book in my Women of the West series, is now available on Amazon for pre-order.  Published by Kensington’s Lyrical Press,  it poses the question:  what do you do when your sister disappears from your wagon train in the middle of the wilderness? Throw in a couple of rough-and-ready gold mining towns, a devilishly handsome hero, and Sarah, my heroine, finds love, adventure, and goes through a lot of trauma to find the answer.You can put in your pre-order at:  Wagon Train Sisters


Wagon Train Cinderella




Love can lead you out of the wilderness

Callie Whitaker is a mistreated stepdaughter who’s been made to feel inferior all her life. When her family takes a wagon train journey to California, Callie begins to realize she’s not the “Little Mouse” everyone said she was. Among others, rugged guide, Luke McGraw, makes her aware of the courage,  beauty, and intelligence she never knew she had–and in the process, falls in love.

From Goodreads: Ms Kennedy did such a wonderful job of making the story so realistic, that at times I felt like I was on that wagon train with Callie and her family. .

From Goodreads: There will be a lots of twist and turns in the good and bad in this read and the readers attention will be their front and center turning the pages to see what will be coming next in this enlightening as well as entertaining read.

Available at:
Amazon Kindle
B&N Nook
Kensington and other places

Welcome to my website. Are you looking for a good book? I published my first book back in 1997 and have been writing ever since. My first seven books were all Regency Romances, but I’ve since branched out to write in other genres, too. Please take a look. I hope you’ll find something you’d like to read.

My traditional Regencies were first published by Ballantine & Signet. Now I’m publishing them myself. Find them on Amazon, Smashwords, Nook and more. For information on my traditional Regencies, see My Amazon Author’s Page

Other books I’ve written:  Heartbreak Trail is one of my best sellers. If you read the reviews on Amazon, you will see that while most readers liked the book, a few were offended by the sex and bad language.  (I used the F-wordheartbreak_trail, back exactly three times!) Anyway, just a warning. But if you enjoy a thoroughly  researched book with lots of action and an intriguing love story, you will like Heartbreak Trail.

Find it with both the good and the bad reviews at Amazon, Heartbreak Trail




The Last of Lady Lansdown is the First Place (GOLD) winner in the Romance category of the 2013 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards. It’s unlike my other Regencies because it’s longer and contains some steamy sex scenes you’d never find in one one lansdown_300of my sweet, traditionals. Find it at Amazon, Lady Lansdown.







Looking for Lucky is the story of a lost dog and a lot more. It’s definitely adult, with some bad language but no steamy sex scenes. It’s the book of my heart, and not at all what you would expect.

Looking for Lucky
Looking for Lucky

Reviews for this book, both on Goodreads & Amazon, have all been glowing. Nobody did not like this book! Take a look at Amazon, Looking for Lucky.






Deadly Gamble is a Las Vegas mystery/romance with touches of the paranormal. I’m not a believer in the paranormal and neither was Kristie, my heroine, until all hell broke out at the Parthenon Hotel/Casino.Dealy Gamble JPEG This book contains a bit of Las Vegas history. A pack train that traveled the Old Spanish Trail is part of the story. Find it at Amazon, Deadly Gamble




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